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Meet the authors…

Mark Watson was born in England, Pablo Michau in South Africa, both now live in Mataro, Spain. “We met through our children, they attend the same school and are the only English speaking kids in their class.” Mark is an English teacher/ children’s book writer in the little Spanish town and Pablo is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer/children’s book illustrator.

After a brief conversation about our hopes for the future and our love of children’s books we decided to take one of Mark’s existing stories and put it together. We are much happier with the result than we could have hoped.” After their first collaboration Mark and Pablo have decided to work exclusively together on many more illustrated children’s books, as Mark explains “Pablo has the ability to see the pictures I have in my mind, as a child walking to school through the park I used to daydream about a shark under the grass chasing me, not only has Pablo managed to capture the threat and fear of a giant shark, he has also managed to faithfully reproduce the park of my childhood, in all its mysterious glory.”

Their second illustrated children’s book, Milo & Ze is now available and receiving widespread critical acclaim.