Bull Terrier: The Best Bull Terrier Books Of All Time

The TOP Ten Bully Bull Terrier Books EVER…

Looking for the perfect book for your Bull Terrier loving friends or kids? Here are the ten best Bull Terrier books as picked by us, do you agree? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

10: Rosa Moves to Town (Stella) Hardcover – Mar 1997
by Barbro Lindgren (Author), Eva Eriksson (Illustrator)

Rosa is a spirited little dog who looks mostly like an anvil headed English bull terrier. She loves to chew things and will chew and swallow any object left in her path.
Her owner loves her dearly and will move mountains for her. When Rosa swallows one of her rubber squeaky toys, her owner has her admitted to a pet hospital where the dog undergoes surgery to remove the rubber toy.
Hospitals are frightening places for anybody of any age. To her credit, the author helps keep some of that fear at bay by having a dog patient as opposed to a human patient. Using this distancing technique makes it easier to laugh at the notion of a pet hospital (such places do exist) and cheer for the recovery of the avaricious little dog.

Editorial Reviews

From Kirkus Reviews
Rosa is a spunky dog, a veritable Hoover of the canine realm, ingesting every interesting morsel she encounters whether it is food or not. She and her “aunt” have moved to the city where she has to remain on a leash, but where the streets are full of delicious leftovers and there are always new dogs to meet. Rosa’s foraging goes too far when she swallows chunks of her rubber toys and must be admitted to the hospital for surgery. It’s a minor setback in Rosa’s book, for she is ready for her next adventure when her ecstatic aunt picks her up. Lindgren renders the entire piece from a dog’s view, leaving it to readers to determine that Rosa’s aunt is really her owner, and reporting without comment on the puppy with “only one eye because the other one had popped out when she was fighting with her own mother.” Scary.
Copyright ©1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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9: The Costume Party Hardcover – August 4, 2005
by Victoria Chess (Author, Illustrator)

Madame Coco’s little family was very, very, bored, and Madame Coco was becoming very, very, annoyed. The family could only go outside for a tiny moment at a time ( we won’t tell you what for), and the house seemed very small, and very messy.

Luckily, Madame Coco remembered what she and her cousins used to do when they were little and it rained and rained – they would have a Costume Party! (A perfect way to spend your time when it’s raining cats and dogs.)

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal

What does a family do when the rainy days go on and on? If your name is Madame Coco and your family consists of five chubby white dogs, the answer is to throw a costume party. Since the pups don’t fit into any of the old costumes in the attic, they will make their own, and a prize will be awarded for the best one. The party is planned with food, decorations, games, and the contest. The contest results in a tie, and the prize is a kitty named Oscar who next year dresses up as (what else?) a white dog. The wonderfully detailed pictures are hilarious and expressive. This is a great activity-producing selection for a rainy day, or any day. –Beverly Combs, Webb Middle School, Garland, TX

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Best Bully Book 10

8: Chalk & Cheese Hardcover – October 21, 2008
by Tim Warnes (Author, Illustrator)

“From the illustrator of Rise and Shine and Jesus Loves Me comes the tale of a limitless friendship between a New York City Bull Terrier and an English country mouse.”

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal

Many of the most endearing friendships in children’s literature, from Pooh and Piglet to Laura Seeger’s Dog and Bear (Roaring Brook, 2007), turn on the formulaic but charming incongruity of the main characters’ personalities; so it is here. An obscure British idiom, defined as two things that have nothing in common, serves as both title and premise for this “odd couple’s” day in New York City. Cheese, the garrulous, hyperbolic English country mouse, and Chalk the Bull Terrier, who is his long-suffering New York tour guide, are introduced through their postcard correspondence that cleverly depicts their dissimilarities. Cheese, the excitable tourist, tries every Big Apple experience while Chalk is his patient host for a very long day of sightseeing. Narrative text is brief, and most of the story’s momentum is expressed through comic-style panels and speech balloons, which in Cheese’s case are often exclamatory and colored cheddar yellow. The contrast between the friends is heightened by Warnes’s watercolor and pencil cartoons, rendering Cheese as tiny, but with a big mouth, and Chalk as large and pleasant but somewhat stolid. If Cheese’s lively vociferations become tedious to some adults, they will no doubt entertain children, who will find his game enthusiasm for everything from subway cockroaches to skating at Rockefeller Center (“Splat!”) simply hilarious.

Kate McClelland, Perrot Memorial Library, Old Greenwich, CT

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From Booklist

Chalk and Cheese are friends, but they’re as different as, well, chalk and cheese. Chalk, a white Bull Terrier, lives in N.Y.C., and pen-pal Cheese, an English mouse, comes to visit. In expansive, humor-laden art, some drawn in cartoon-strip style, the duo gad about New York, starting in a typical coffee shop and taking subways and taxis to familiar tourist sites like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. There, Cheese hopes he’ll get to see King Kong; instead he gets lost, lured away by the aroma of warm nuts. The duo fall out with each other but always find gentle ways to get back together. What’s best is the sheer exuberance both feel about New York, to which this story is a love letter. That said, the usual preschool audience may be too young to appreciate the city references (to say nothing of the allusion to chalk and cheese). But slightly older kids, more familiar with some of the famous sights, will enjoy both the travelogue and the unlikely friendship.

Grades K-2. –Ilene Cooper

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7: A Guide Dog for the Thick August 1, 2005
by Terry Doe (Author)

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Fabulous book for anyone with a Bull Terrier or anyone with a sense of humor!

I own a Bull Terrier who’s behavior is strikingly similar to Morris (The Guide Dog for the Thick.) But you don’t need a Bull Terrier to love this book-Funniest thing I have read in a long time, and wonderful in the way the author describes his deep affection for a Bull Terrier that is not for beginners. If you have a dog, thought about getting a dog or love to laugh – buy this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Laughed from cover to cover

Anyone who is owned by a dog, especially a Bull Terrier, will love this book. Terry Doe eloquently describes the highs and lows of living with a bully who has no desire to please anyone but himself, with hilarious consequences.

5.0 out of 5 stars

You will laugh!!!!

I own a Bull Terrier and was told by fellow owners that this book was a must have. They were right. I love this book and I love Morris. The stories are short so you can read them at your leisure. Mr. Doe and Morris live in England, so some of the language may be unfamiliar, but you will get the drift. There is no dog like a Bull Terrier and Morris absolutely proves this.

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Best Bully Books

6: Daisy Knows Best Hardcover – February 1, 1999
by Lisa Kopper (Author)

This is the third picture-book story about the escapades of bull terrier Daisy, now a mom with three darling bully pups. Toddlers will delight in the naughty lessons Daisy teaches her pups–and the family’s human baby, who joins in with the other little ones. Kopper’s sweet, winsome illustrations are full of mischief and fun. Full-color illustrations.

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

In this irresistible picture book, just a few words per page describe Daisy, a charming pooch who’s a perfect role model for her three pudgy puppies and the chubby human baby who shares a home with them. The text on each spread is a study in subtlety. “Daisy teaches Delores how to set the table./ Baby learns, too” reads the caption for a depiction of the mother dog pulling down a laden tablecloth on the left, while the right side shows Baby wreaking havoc on a place setting. Baby even gleefully mimics Daisy’s example of relieving herself on a sheet of newspaper. But when Daisy teaches her canine and human charges how to “fold the laundry” by strewing it around the backyard, Mommy steps in to provide her own style of pedagogy: “Now everyone learns to have a bath…/ because mommies know best of all.” Kopper’s (Daisy Is a Mommy) neatly framed illustrations are as winning and economical as her text. Daisy, with her long snout, tiny soulful eyes and squooshy postnatal body, is the epitome of doggy maternal love and duty. And the puppies and Baby’s physical resemblance to each other is wonderfully comic. Ages 2-4.

Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From School Library Journal

PreSchool-Grade 1-The star of Daisy Thinks She’s a Baby (Knopf, 1994) and Daisy Is a Mommy (Viking, 1997) is back. In this new adventure, the bullterrier instructs her three puppies and the baby of the house in a multitude of tasks from opening the mail and setting the table to digging in the garden and cleaning up the garbage. Preschoolers will laugh at the lessons Daisy teaches the youngsters and their often messy results. The story reads aloud well, and the text is simple and repetitive enough for beginning readers. The soft, pencil illustrations reflect the lively humor and chaotic events described in the narrative. Daisy’s many fans will be happy to see her back in action.
Maura Bresnahan, Shawsheen School, Andover, MA

Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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5: Bully and the Badger Hardcover – November 18, 1974
by Wickham Malins (Author)

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars


A must have for all Bull Terrier story fans. Touching, lovely tale for adults to young readers. Magical. Heart touching. Canine laughter.

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Bully and the Badger Cover

4: Winston … the dog who changed my life Kindle Edition
by Hilmar Klute (Author)

Hilmar Klute tells the touching story of how he unexpectedly became a bully owner the day his wife came home with Winston, an English Bull Terrier puppy she finds abandoned in a city cemetery.

The new arrival in Hilmar’s life is soon peeing on his parquet floor and chewing his glasses, cushions, telephone cable – and pretty much everything in sight! Winston wrecks the apartment and keeps Hilmar awake at night, but the dog also opens up a new world to Hilmar; of which he was previously blissfully unaware.

Without a clue about how to deal with a puppy, Hilmar tries to make some sense of the unfamiliar territory of the dog park, where people seem to think of themselves more as members of a pack than of society. He soon finds himself studying the dog owners themselves, and casting a critical eye over the services of the professional ‘dog whisperer.’

Hilmar’s attempts to return his world to normal disclose some surprising truths about the relationship between man and dog, and this charming and irreverent book has much to tell us about the weaknesses of both species, and ultimately their strengths, too.

Editorial Reviews

“An enchanting story …” – Graham Ball, The Daily Express

“… all in all, a delightful book that would make a lovely present …” – Dog Training Weekly

“Humorous musings about life with an unwanted but very much loved Bull Terrier, rescued after being abandoned in a cemetery as a puppy.” – Your Dog

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Best Dog Book

3: Milo’s Journey: A Coloring / Painting book featuring the original illustrations from ‘Milo & Ze’. Paperback – April 28, 2015
by Mark Watson (Author), Pablo Michau (Illustrator)

Beautiful, inspirational and original. Now you can follow Milo, with the original drawings by Mark Watson and Pablo Michau, as he searches the globe for the little boy destined to become his friend. These highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations have been collected together for the first time for you to color or paint at your leisure. Milo’s Journey captivated children, grown-ups and dog lovers alike when he first appeared in the bestselling illustrated children’s book ‘Milo & Ze’, now you can join Milo on his journey through towns, a secret garden, a forest, over sea and around the world, meeting many different types of animals and birds until he finally reaches his friend. This book has been designed for expert colorists and is suitable for adults and older children coloring with fine tipped markers, colored pencils, brush tipped markers, collage or paint. *’Milo’s Journey – A Coloring Adventure’ also contains drawings never before released and not featured in the final illustrated children’s book.

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Mark Watson knows what kids like!

You can never go wrong when you grab an amazing book by this author. Join Milo on an amazing journey that kids will enjoy making their own by coloring the fun pictures

5.0 out of 5 stars

A superb coloring book, one for the expert.

Wonderful, all the best illustrations by the amazingly talented Pablo Michau from the brilliant adventure story.

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2: A Dog Named Jimmy Hardcover – September 29, 2015
by Rafael Mantesso (Author)

100 new and classic images of popular Instagram celebrity Jimmy Choo the Bull Terrier

On Rafael Mantesso’s thirtieth birthday, his wife left him. She took their cookware, their furniture, their photos, their decorations. She left Rafael alone in an empty all-white apartment. The only thing she didn’t take was their bull terrier, whom she’d named after her favorite shoe designer: Jimmy Choo.

With only Jimmy for company, Rafael found inspiration in his blank walls and his best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy Choo as he trotted and cavorted around the house in glee. Then, when Jimmy collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, on a whim Rafael grabbed a marker and drew a new world around his ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, Rafael felt his long-dormant inspiration—for drawing, for art, for life—returning.

The result? Hundreds of charming and cheeky images chronicling the owner and dog’s relationship and adventures, including poses in a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet, passed out with liquor bottles, and as the shark in Jaws. Mantesso’s Instagram feed quickly garnered fans from all over the world and caught the attention of major media outlets like Today, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and the Daily Mail, as well as Jimmy’s namesake, the luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo Ltd.

Now, Mantesso presents a definitive selection of new and classic images of Jimmy and includes the backstory of how the two became such great collaborators. As heartwarming as it is hilarious, A Dog Named Jimmy will delight animal lovers everywhere.

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Jimmy Choo steals the show!

By Eric on October 1, 2015

A splendid collection of photos of the bull terrier that has captured social media’s hearts. This photographic collection captures Jimmy Choo, the lovable bull terrier, as he is thrown into a pure white world with scenarios ranging from dangling over Pride Rock in Lion King to taking E.T.’s place on the bike with Elliott, these images were meant to put a smile on your face. Mantesso’s creativity knows no bounds while imagining his best pal in different situations. The touching prologue also provides a glimpse into how when life might throw you a mentally challenging curveball, you can overcome it with unconditional love and humor. This is a book you will want to add to your collection, and also to have as a coffee table book for your company to browse through.

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1: Milo & Ze: A Bull Terrier Puppy Adventure Paperback – December 10, 2014
by Mark Watson (Author), Pablo Michau (Illustrator)

WINNERS: Best Illustrated Children’s Ebook – MOONBEAM Awards 2015

WINNERS: Best Children’s Animal Book – READER’S FAVORITE Awards 2015

WINNERS: Best Illustrated Children’s book – IPPY Awards 2015

Join Milo, the long forgotten bull terrier puppy, as he travels the world in search of nothing more than a friend he can call his own.
Milo & Ze is the eagerly-awaited second illustrated children’s book by Mark Watson and Pablo Michau, authors of the bestselling, “The Shark in the Park” and already a big favourite with bull terrier owners worldwide.

Editorial Reviews

We, the readers, are the winners. The shared sense of creativity and sensitivity as well as a natural sense of what will entertain a child and provide some important character building blocks is not only evident here- it shines! The high standards they set for themselves are maintained if not surpassed.

Enchanting rhyming verse, exquisite illustrations and a heartwarming adventure that simply is restorative and makes the reader feel good. Searching for friends – a great goal and a wonderful destination. Highly recommended for children and art loving adults.
Grady Harp – Top 100 Reviewer

“Milo is a cute bull terrier puppy who has been forgotten until one night a blinding light comes out of the night sky and smashes his kennel creating a crater that the bull terrier braves his way to peer into and hears a mole who asks his name and the little bull terrier discovers a fallen star: `’Never again need you wish for a friend, he waits for you at your journey’s end.’ And off Milo goes on a journey, more adventures arise – a tiger, amountain goat, a cavern and finally, the little bull terrier puppy arrives at a door: The bull terrier puppy finally has a friend of his own.”

“Brilliant book about a little, lonely, bully puppy dog, looking for a friend. Guided by a fallen star and written in exquisite rhyming verse, this is a book that will become a classic with children, adults and especiallydog and bull terrier lovers around the world. Amazing illustrations from the talented Pablo Michau and great poetry from Mark Watson.”

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What do you think? Have you read ALL of these? Which one is your favourite?

We’d love to hear in the comments below.


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    1. Ellen Cloyed

      Oh, I so second this emotion! The list is simply not complete without this masterpiece by someone who clearly knows and loves the breed and can portray its idiosyncratic appearance with skill and abstraction.

  1. george sharkey

    Probably one of the first Bull Terrier books of all time is Jock of the Bushvdeld a great book and movie.

  2. Pauline

    How sad, no mention of ‘The Incredible Journey’ by Sheila Burnford. A classic of classics and compulsory reading for us in Year 9. This is where my love of the bull terrier began.

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  4. Les Lacey

    One book you have failed to mention is ‘Blue Genes’. It is the equivalent of Marley and Me meets Strictly Ballroom, the true story of the love and affection a staffy can generate. The dog in question is Josh and his remarkable feature is he’s blue. At the time, breeders cursed the colour because it has implications when breeding in throwing poor quality pigmentation. So many were discarded and even drowned at birth. Josh stole hearts and turned heads wherever he went, he caused controversy and began the crazy stampede to have a blue. The story includes many unexplainable coincidences, is a true love story and attempts to show that blue is no different to any other coat colour. A great book available through Amazon, author name L.G. Lacey.

    1. Tony

      @Les Lacey
      The reason ‘Blue Genes’ (about Staffies) isn’t mentioned is, the author of the original post has compiled their list considered to be the best 10 ‘Bull Terrier’ books

  5. Ellen Cloyed

    Boodil, My Dog by Pija Lindenbaum belongs on the list. The illustrations are brilliant and the dog’s bully characteristics are recognizable as spot-on to anyone who has owned and loved one of these nut jobs.

  6. Peggy Robinson

    Yes! Add Boodil, My Dog! Better than all of these for getting the Bull Terrier’s idiosyncrasies just right!


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