Bull Terrier: Bull Terriers’ CRAZIEST Ever Sleeping Positions

Milo here,
Just having a doze under a tree with my Panda friend…

Milo Sleeping Bull Terrier

I like to sleep on my back as you can see but some of my bully brothers prefer to get into more…how can I put it?
Convoluted sleeping positions!

Here are my favourite crazy Bull Terrier sleeping positions, does your Bully do something similar or even funnier? If you also have a Bull Terrier who likes to sleep in strange places or play crazy games then please let me know in the comments below.

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1: Washing up? Yup, I’m on it.

Bull Terrier Sleeping 1

2: Hey, do not disturb! I’m studying for my Bully of the Month Award.

Bull Terrier Sleeping 2

3: Elbows off the table? Check. Now for a quick snooze before lunch.

Bull Terrier Sleeping 3

4: I’m sure I droppped something down here. No? Oh well, I did look zzzzzzzz

Bull Terrier Sleeping 4

5: Bully platform bed! Looks a bit wet but I’m all white here!

Bull Terrier Sleeping 5

6: Hey! Don’t forget to pack me!

Bull Terrier Sleeping 6

7: The first step is a doozy!

Bull Terrier Sleeping 7

8: I call this The Zombie!

Bull Terrier Sleeping 8

9: What fish?

Bull Terrier Sleeping 9

10: Now this is perfect but perilous! One twitch and I’m off!

Bull Terrier Sleeping 10

Well, that’s my Top Ten Craziest Bully Sleeping Positions, do you have any more?

Let me know in the comments below.


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