Bull Terrier: Bully Love – The Story of Layla & Alfie

Bull Terrier: The Story of Layla and Alfie – Best Friends Forever

bully and little girl

I first met Džiuginta Inga Šiušaite, or Inga as she is affectionately known, through Facebook.I try to maintain a strong presence in the online Bull Terrier community and one day a message popped up from my friend Karen Yateman (another huge bully fan) saying she’d like to introduce me to a lady called Inga.

A lady with a fascinating bully story that I, being a writer, might be interested in.
So I became friends with Džiuginta and her amazing little daughter Layla and their wonderful *bully pet Alfie and she does have a wonderful story!
(*And two cats called Mura and Stella but more about them later)

Originally from Lithuania, Inga suffered terrible burns to both legs six years ago when she kicked a stray firework away from her young son.

These heroics came at a high cost, her trousers burst into flames as what appeared to be an unlit rocket ignited when she touched it.
The flames were quickly doused and Inga was rushed to hospital but, many operations and skin grafts later, the left leg is still unhealed.
Inga sent me a photo and I can honestly say it looks a real mess, I was shocked. The treatment has now been reduced to painkillers until the muscles grow back in preparation for another operation.
In a house with several children and pets, everybody has to muck in and help or, as Inga puts it, “Layla doesn’t know how to do many things for herself yet, she’s only three, but she already knows how to put mummy’s bandages on.”
I asked the question I always ask when I talk to a ‘Bully Mummy’, Why a bull terrier? Why that particular breed?
It turns out that both mummy Inga and a little Layla, then only fifteen months old were scared of them. In fact, toddler Layla was nervous around all dogs and Inga literally thought they were “child killing machines” – such was her opinion as informed by the British media.
One day, one of Inga’s friends told her he knew someone with puppies for sale and showed her a photo of one of them on his mobile phone.
Inga made a quick decision, although afraid of that breed, she had recently also heard another side to the story, another side of the coin: wonderful tales of how caring, loyal, protective and gentle bull terriers were around small children.
Impulsively, she made an off the cuff decision there and then and said yes.
So, on her behalf, the man picked up the bull terrier puppy for her and brought him home.
They named their six-month-old bully puppy…Alfie, and a legendary friendship was born!!..

bull terrier and baby

Young Alfie needed a lot of training, as many of you know only too well, a bully pup is a bouncy, energetic, not-so-little whirlwind!
A bond was formed immediately, in fact much more than a bond as Inga tells me Layla and bull terrier Alfie have what could be described as a telepathic connection.

bull terriers and children

Bull terrier Alfie rarely leaves Layla’s side at all when she isn’t at nursery and when she is he either tries to spend the day in her room, pining, or, when forced to spend time with the rest of the family, he keeps sneaking back to bring out a toy or blanket of hers to cuddle or snuggle up on.
When Layla was poorly a few weeks ago and had to take time off school, bull terrier Alfie stayed by her side the entire time, watching over her and refusing to eat or drink until his little patient began to feel better.
This incredible degree of concern is usual when Layla is sick and has happened ever since she was a baby.

Bull Terrier safe with children

Mummy Inga also explained how Layla doesn’t need to speak to Alfie out loud any more, a mere flick, a hand gesture or a toss of the head and he knows exactly where she wants him to go and what she wants him to do.

bully puppy and little girl

The troublesome twosome have had to stop taking baths together due to a few (major) flooding incidents and now Alfie sits patiently on the mat at bathtime, with Layla’s towel around his neck, keeping it warm for when she gets out.

Bull Terrier puppy cute

Alfie is so overprotective that new visitors and even immediate family have to be careful. A recent visit from an Uncle caused no end of distress to Alfie when he arrived and exuburantly twirled Layla around before smothering her in hugs and kisses.
Even mummy and daddy have to be careful not to appear to play too roughly when tickling and bull terrier Alfie muscles in on ANY unauthorised cuddling!

bully puppy sleeping

It isn’t all fun and games though for the wonderfully gentle bully, he also shares his family with two cats who apparently, sometimes BEAT POOR ALFIE UP!
“That’s right”, says Inga “They’ve slapped him on the nose so many times now that when they help themselves to his water or his gravy he just sits quietly letting them. If he gets any closer a hiss from Mura or Stella soon sends him scurrying off to hide behind Layla.”

bull terrier and cats

You may also be wondering what Layla and Alfie think of our gift to them, the new 2016 edition of Milo & Ze. I asked Inga if she herself liked it.
“I haven’t read it! Layla and Alfie won’t let me near it! She takes it every day in her bag to nursery and reads it to all the other children and then when she comes home she reads it only to Alfie.”
Fortunately when we talked Layla and Alfie were playing noisily in the background and I managed to ask Layla quickly what she thought.
“Do you like your bull terrier book, Milo & Ze?” I asked, nervously.
“Yes”, she whispered “it’s our favourite bull terrier book.”
Alfie barked approvingly and then I heard…

“Oh no, now he’s getting in the pram, Layla stop him! Alfie, ALFIE!!!”


© Mark Watson 2016

What do you think of Layla and bull terrier Alfie’s story? Do you have a dynamic duo of your own? How is your bully around cats? How is your bully around children?
We’d love to hear all your 🐶 stories
in the comments below.


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10 Replies to “Bull Terrier: Bully Love – The Story of Layla & Alfie”

  1. Sara Gibson

    Just love alfie and layla they make me smile every day, I have got a nine year old bullie named porsha and we have got 3 cats, 2 rabbits and a 6 month old cockerpoo which she loves she is scared of one of the cats and I look after a 3 year old little girl who she loves and is so gentle with could not ask for a better breed xx

  2. Sarah

    I have a 10 year old ebt and a 6 month old puppy both female, Cleo (10) has never liked cats and Tia is following suit…… Both loving family dogs and have always trusted them around my children.

  3. Sarah McCabe

    I love the story of Layla and Alphie, it could have come out of a book too! I have a staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier ) X with an English Bull Terrier called Pixie, she’s a rescue dog, approximately 6 years old (being a rescue we don’t know her exact birth date) and I love her to bits. I’ve always trusted her around my son, and I know she loves people so much that she would never hurt anyone. Cats is a different story, she absolutely can’t stand them, but I’m not planning to get one any time soon! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story! ☺

  4. Chelsea

    My daughter is two and I have three bull terriers one of which is deaf, but the most amazing bond with my male, he’s a rescue boy who was deemed aggressive and I got quite another of backlash for taking him on as an emergency foster, all he needed was a little understanding as he is one very highly motivated boy, but the bond he has with my daughter is so pure, I call them Ronnie and reggie, always up to something, she helps him escape the baby gate. Feeds him her breakfast, walks him, bath time bed time routine and he will give anyone a stern telling off they come near his little princess haha potty training has come at a price for h as she pooped on. Him 🙁 although he wasn’t bothered in the slightest, they adore each other and after his abusive past its amazing to see I couldn’t ask for a better best friend for my little girl xx

  5. Wendy

    Love your beautiful story about this wonderful and often misunderstood and mistreated breed. Like many people I too was very sceptical about them until one day a little boy bullie called Oliver stole my heart. The rest is history.

  6. rebecca

    My miniature bull terrier, Boggs, came from Poland, all the way to Prince Edward Island, canada. I loved him from the second I saw him. He’s into trouble all the time. I recently noticed all my oranges were going missing from my fruit bowl. suddenly, we notice Boggs started growling at the other dogs if they went near the couch. I found his stash of 8 oranges under the couch (the other dogs are too big to fit under it). He was stashing them and then going under the couch to bite them and suck out the juice whrn he felt like a snack. Boggs and my 7 year old son are best friend – they get in so much trouble together. He is unfortunately a cat killer so after a few very sad incidents, I check our backyard first before letting him out, as neighbourhood cats will climb our fence sometimes and Boggs has murdered a few intruders. He loves his dog friends and love all kids….and he’s my best friend.

  7. Claire Kitchen

    I would be first in line for the Layla and Alfie book. I will also check out Milo and Ze since my babies like it. It must be wonderful!

  8. Rachael Cunnett

    Loved this story! I have followed Layla and Alfie for the last three years and love their close bond. I have ordered your book, and I will take it to the school where I work and introduce it to my children.


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